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Welcome to our school's archives

This digital archive contains scans of all the school magazines we possess from the very early days until 2015. More recent issues will be added in due course. You will also find other publications such as Plane Talking, the school newsletter and the OE Magazine, from the time when it was a separate hard copy publication, as well as a selection of sports and drama photographs. Click on BROWSE to see the range of categories.

This is of course work in progress and not everything will function smoothly straight away. There will be mis-spellings and sometimes inconsistent use of categories and subcategories. Please be patient and bear with us.

If you have an enquiry or would like more information, please email Andrew Beattie, the School Archivist on adb@eltham-college.org.uk

If you just want to “see what we’ve got” about you or your ancestor or any other topic, a good way to start is to click on BROWSE > THE ELTHAMIAN 1912 - PRESENT, Select Journal View (the black icon on the left) – and type your key word(s) into Search. You can narrow down the years, the publications and so on as shown. To see one of the results in detail, click on the “open book” icon on the left.

Have fun!

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